Receive Income for your Oil and Gas Properties


  Several of our companies are actively seeking Oil & Gas properties for Lease or Acquisition in the Big Sandy area.   We currently operate approximately One Thousand Six Hundred (1,600) Natural Gas and Oil wells in the Big Sandy and Appalachia Area.  We are currently averaging approximately 85 to 90 wells drilled and completed per year.   These wells have an average depth of 3,655 feet and an average open flow amount of 395MCF. With energy prices soaring, this translates into income being generated for the owner of the oil and gas for several years to come.  Our companies operate several compressor stations in the Big Sandy Area and we have access to several different markets with our gas supply.  New pipelines are currently being planned to open up even more development of Natural Gas properties in the area. If you own oil and gas properties that you would like to have developed, please contact Harold Hall via Email or phone (606) 874-8041 extension 33.


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